Saturday & Sundays



Freshly Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice $4.25

Bravo Caesar (2oz) $9.25          GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN AVAILABLE
Vodka, Clamato Juice, Horseradish and Peperoncini

Mimosa (7oz) $10.95          GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN AVAILABLE
Sparkling Wine & Freshly Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice

French Toast $13.00
strawberry compote, vanilla whipped cream and maple syrup

Our Dutch Baby $13.50
skillet baked pancake with lemon thyme butter and wild blueberry compote

The Weekender $13.50          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
two eggs over easy on a croissant with bacon, chives and 2 year old cheddar

Southwestern Breakfast Wrap $14.25
ranchero scrambled eggs, Monterey Jack and refried black beans in a flour tortillasour cream, roasted corn salad and chili machismo

Eggs Benedict $15.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
two poached eggs, peameal bacon, grilled savoury brioche and Hollandaise sauce
choice of: café salad or crispy red potatoessubstitute smoked wild salmon … add $2.00

El Chancho $17.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
bacon, chorizo, peameal bacon, two over easy eggs, roasted corn salad, crispy red potatoes, chili sauce, grilled savoury brioche and bacon jam

Curry & Eggs $14.25          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
scrambled eggs with curry oil, spinach & cherry tomatoes pappadom and spiced potato sticks …add chili garlic shrimp $8.50

Calling All Vegans $13.75          GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN
mixed greens, avocado, roasted yams, beets, sweet peppers, toasted sunflower and pumpkin seedstahini & lemon dressing

Breakfast Greens $13.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
mixed greens, grapefruit, multigrain croutons, toasted sunflower seeds, honey grapefruit dressingbacon and a poached egg

Red Eye Poutine $14.00
patates frites, double smoked bacon bits, a poached egg
cheddar curds and red eye gravy

Smoked Wild Salmon Plate $14.75          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
B.C. smoked wild salmon, herb cream cheese, light rye bread, cucumber, red onion, capers and lemon

Granola Banana Split $11.50
organic oats, dried blueberries, apples, currants & cranberriesmaple yogurt and wild blueberry compote

Marinated Goat Feta $9.25          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
honey and baguette

Yogurt Swiss Muesli $9.25
fresh fruit and maple syrup

Fresh Fruit Salad with Pressed Yogurt $9.25  GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN 

Lemon Currant Roll $4.85
Pain au Chocolat $4.40
Croissant $4.10
Scone $3.65
Muffin $3.65

Bacon or Chorizo $4.25
Peameal Bacon $4.25
Roasted Corn Salad $4.25
Refried Black Beans $4.00
Crispy Red Potatoes $3.50
Cup o’ Fruit $4.75
Smoked Wild Salmon $8.50
One Good Egg $1.85
Bacon Jam $1.75
Gluten Free Bread $2.00

Soupes du Jour $6.75

Patates Frites with Chive Aïoli $6.75

Vegan Samosas $10.50          VEGAN
cilantro chutney

Châ Giô
Vietnamese spring rolls (filled with shrimp, chicken & pork)
Nuoc Cham and carrot pickle

Fromage à Trois $15.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
our selection of three domestic & imported cheeses with pear & cranberry compote and baguette

Café Salad with Maple Cider Vinaigrette $9.75        GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN AVAILABLE

Caesar Salad with Double Smoked Bacon $12.00        GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
Parmigiano-Reggiano and sourdough croutons

add grilled chicken breast or chili garlic shrimp or smoked wild salmon $8.50
add pan fried halloumi cheese $6.75

Noodle Bowl $15.75
soba noodles in a miso broth with kale, shiitake mushrooms, edamame, nori and Japanese 7 spice

Fritter of the Year
sweet potato fritters, grilled chorizo, roasted corn, toasted pecans
bibb lettuce and an herb ranch dressing

No.1 with Pork $17.75          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
Vietnamese spring rolls (filled with shrimp, chicken & pork), grilled pork belly with lemongrass, pea shoots, rice noodles, cucumber, green mango, peanuts, carrot pickle and Nuoc Cham

Mediterranean Tart $15.75
roasted vegetables, olives & chèvre in a sour cream pastry, red pepper coulis and herb crème fraîche, baby lettuce, toasted almonds and sherry vinaigrette

Oasis Chicken Pita $16.75          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
chicken salad with yogurt & preserved lemon, eggplant picklemixed greens with beets, toasted pistachios and pomegranate dressing

Blackened Salmon Burger $17.25
a spicy salmon burger with leek, spinach & celeriac, sour cream and chives shaved fennel, parsley and mixed greens salad

The Burger $17.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
7oz of Enright Cattle Co. ground beef with Montreal steak spice
tomato, lettuce, pickles and red onion with patates frites & chive aïoli
make it Mo’Better … add bacon and 2 year old cheddar $3.00


7:00 am - 3:00 pm

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