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Availability of care packages + gift baskets may be limited due to
Covid-19 business disruption. Visit our online store for available
care packages + gift baskets during this time.

Call the store (613) 544-7790 or email
for more information.

Gift Baskets

The Canadian
$85 plus tax
Chez Piggy Coffee, Canadian Granola, Shortbread, Local Honey, Moss Berry Jam, Local Maple Syrup, Canadian Chocolate Bar & Canada 150th Anniversary Dishcloth in a Pan Chancho Canadian Made Cloth Tote

Office Sharing
$120 plus tax
Three Cheeses, Roasted Almonds, Marinated Mixed Olives, Abner Summer Sausage, Three Dips, Croûte, Tortilla Chips, Box of Crackers, Sugar Cookies & Chocolate Salted Shortbread in a basket

No Gluten Added
$85 plus tax (may not be 100% Gluten Free)
Fresh Pumpernickel Loaf, Chocolate Pecan Cookies, Four Mini Brownies, Two Dips,Cheese Selection, Crackers, Pasta Sauce & Pasta in a basket

Happy Birthday!
$80 plus tax
Birthday Cake with writing, $50 Gift Certificate

Student Care Package
$135 plus tax
Four Individual Frozen Dinners, Four Medium Salads, Four Pastries, a Loaf of Sliced Bread, Moss Berry Jam, Two Dips, Croûte & Six Cookies

House Warming
$160 plus tax
Chez Piggy Coffee, Three Cheeses, Three Dips,Charcuterie, Baguette, Two Pain au Chocolat, Croûte, Pan Chancho Bakery & Chez Piggy Restaurant Cookbook in a basket

Picnic Basket
$80 plus tax
Charcuterie, Two Cheeses, Two Dips, Marinated Mixed Olives, Box of Four Desserts, Crackers, Baguette & Two Sparkling Sodas
in a basket (includes plates, napkins & cutlery)

Pan Chancho Holiday
$150 plus tax
Three Cheeses, Three Dips, Marinated Mixed Olives, Roasted Almonds, Croûte, Crackers, Abner Summer Sausage, Pear & Cranberry Compote, Shortbread, Chez Piggy Coffee & Chocolate Almond Bark in a basket

Our Favourite Things for Four
$110 plus tax
Three of our Favourite Cheeses, Stilton Pâté, Olive Baguette, Marinated Mixed Olives, Dragon Noodles, Four Maple Chômeur Cakes, Moroccan Chickpea Salad in a gift bag

Petit Cadeau
$40 plus taxes
Two Cheeses, Baguette, Two Dips & Homemade Sugar Cookies in a gift bag

Student Meal Plans/Care Packages

weekly, monthly or in between

Course 101
1 foccacia with sea salt
Pan Chancho hummus
Pan Chancho roasted almonds
Asian noodles
Greek salad
$35 + tax 

Course 102
loaf of Pan Chancho bread
2 muffins or scones
3 small salads
(Greek salad, fruit salad & Asian noodles)
200g of cheddar
$45 + tax 

Course 201
1 frozen pot pie
1 frozen lasagna
1 Greek or fruit salad
1 Asian or dragon noodles
2 chocolate chip cookies
loaf of Pan Chancho bread
$50 + tax 

Course 202
3 medium salads
(Greek salad, fruit salad & Asian noodles)
Pan Chancho hummus
Pan Chancho caramelized onion & sherry spread
Pan Chancho baguette
Maple chômeur & butter tart
$65 + tax 

Course 301
4 frozen dinners
(choice of pot pie, shepherd’s pie or lasagna)
4 salads
(Greek salad, fruit salad, green beans gremolata,
dragon or Asian noodles)
2 croissants + 2 muffins or scones
loaf of Pan Chancho bread
Moss Berry jam
Pan Chancho spicy red hummus
Pan Chancho tzatziki
bag of croûte
6 chocolate chip cookies
$135 + tax

Cram Session
2 muffins, scones or brioche
1 fruit salad
1 dragon noodles
1 Pan Chancho sandwich
1 frozen dinner
(choice of pot pie, shepherd’s pie, lasagna)
6 chocolate chip cookies
Pan Chancho roasted almonds
includes a customized encouraging note
$80 + tax 

Feeding the House
large traditional tourtiere or savory pie
2 large salads
(dragon noodles & green beans gremlota)
loaf of Pan Chancho bread
6” cake
$110 + tax 

6” Birthday Cake with writing
$50 Gift Certificate
$80 + tax

More celebratory options can be found on our website – ranging from special occasion platters,
dips & spreads, cakes, desserts, dinners for one or more. Contact us for more details.

Sick Day
large soup (3 portions)
2 frozen dinners
(choice of chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie or
1 fruit salad
1 Asian noodles
2 Black River juices
5 Numi organic teas
loaf of Pan Chancho bread
1 box of Kleenex
$80 + tax

The ‘rents are coming to visit
2 dips
(choice of spicy hummus, Stilton pâté, tzatziki
artichoke heart & roasted garlic spread)
3 cheeses (Sauvagine, St.Agur & Five Brothers)
1 Pan Chancho baguette
1 box of crackers
3 salads
(choice of Greek salad, fruit salad, cabbage salad,
green beans gremolata, Asian or dragon noodles)
1 container of Abner summer sausage
Chez Piggy Blend II coffee or Numi organic tea
$110 + tax * house cleaning not included

Can’t decide?
We offer gift certificates in any denomination.
Gift certificates are valid in the bakery, our café & at Chez Piggy Restaurant.

don’t see your favourite item?
don’t fret, ask our staff

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Gift Certificates
We sell gift certificates!
They are available in any denomination and are valid at both Pan Chancho Bakery & Café as well as Chez Piggy Restaurant. Please contact us for more information by phone (613) 544-7790 or email: [email protected]


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