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11am to 3pm

Soupes du Jour $6.75

Patates Frites with Chive Aïoli $6.75

Vegan Samosas $10.50          VEGAN
cilantro chutney

Châ Giô
Vietnamese spring rolls (filled with shrimp, chicken & pork)
Nuoc Cham and carrot pickle

Fromage à Trois $15.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
our selection of three domestic & imported cheeses with pear & cranberry compote and baguette

Café Salad with Maple Cider Vinaigrette $9.75        GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN AVAILABLE

Caesar Salad with Double Smoked Bacon $12.00        GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
Parmigiano-Reggiano and sourdough croutons

add grilled chicken breast or chili garlic shrimp or smoked wild salmon $8.50
add pan fried halloumi cheese $6.75

Noodle Bowl $15.75
soba noodles in a miso broth with kale, shiitake mushrooms, edamame, nori and Japanese 7 spice

Fritter of the Year
sweet potato fritters, grilled chorizo, roasted corn, toasted pecans
bibb lettuce and an herb ranch dressing

No.1 with Pork $17.75          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
Vietnamese spring rolls (filled with shrimp, chicken & pork), grilled pork belly with lemongrass, pea shoots, rice noodles, cucumber, green mango, peanuts, carrot pickle and Nuoc Cham

Mediterranean Tart $15.75
roasted vegetables, olives & chèvre in a sour cream pastry, red pepper coulis and herb crème fraîche, baby lettuce, toasted almonds and sherry vinaigrette

Oasis Chicken Pita $16.75          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
chicken salad with yogurt & preserved lemon, eggplant picklemixed greens with beets, toasted pistachios and pomegranate dressing

Blackened Salmon Burger $17.25
a spicy salmon burger with leek, spinach & celeriac, sour cream and chives shaved fennel, parsley and mixed greens salad

The Burger $17.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
7oz of Enright Cattle Co. ground beef with Montreal steak spice
tomato, lettuce, pickles and red onion with patates frites & chive aïoli
make it Mo’Better … add bacon and 2 year old cheddar $3.00

Freshly Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice $4.25

Bravo Caesar (2oz) $9.25          GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN AVAILABLE
Vodka, Clamato Juice, Horseradish and Peperoncini

Mimosa (7oz) $10.95          GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN AVAILABLE
Sparkling Wine & Freshly Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice

French Toast $13.00
strawberry compote, vanilla whipped cream and maple syrup

Our Dutch Baby $13.50
skillet baked pancake with lemon thyme butter and wild blueberry compote

The Weekender $13.50          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
two eggs over easy on a croissant with bacon, chives and 2 year old cheddar

Southwestern Breakfast Wrap $14.25
ranchero scrambled eggs, Monterey Jack and refried black beans in a flour tortillasour cream, roasted corn salad and chili machismo

Eggs Benedict $15.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
two poached eggs, peameal bacon, grilled savoury brioche and Hollandaise sauce
choice of: café salad or crispy red potatoessubstitute smoked wild salmon … add $2.00

El Chancho $17.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
bacon, chorizo, peameal bacon, two over easy eggs, roasted corn salad, crispy red potatoes, chili sauce, grilled savoury brioche and bacon jam

Curry & Eggs $14.25          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
scrambled eggs with curry oil, spinach & cherry tomatoes pappadom and spiced potato sticks …add chili garlic shrimp $8.50

Calling All Vegans $13.75          GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN
mixed greens, avocado, roasted yams, beets, sweet peppers, toasted sunflower and pumpkin seedstahini & lemon dressing

Breakfast Greens $13.00          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
mixed greens, grapefruit, multigrain croutons, toasted sunflower seeds, honey grapefruit dressingbacon and a poached egg

Red Eye Poutine $14.00
patates frites, double smoked bacon bits, a poached egg
cheddar curds and red eye gravy

Smoked Wild Salmon Plate $14.75          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
B.C. smoked wild salmon, herb cream cheese, light rye bread, cucumber, red onion, capers and lemon

Granola Banana Split $11.50
organic oats, dried blueberries, apples, currants & cranberriesmaple yogurt and wild blueberry compote

Marinated Goat Feta $9.25          GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE
honey and baguette

Yogurt Swiss Muesli $9.25
fresh fruit and maple syrup

Fresh Fruit Salad with Pressed Yogurt $9.25  GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN 

Lemon Currant Roll $4.85
Pain au Chocolat $4.40
Croissant $4.10
Scone $3.65
Muffin $3.65

Bacon or Chorizo $4.25
Peameal Bacon $4.25
Roasted Corn Salad $4.25
Refried Black Beans $4.00
Crispy Red Potatoes $3.50
Cup o’ Fruit $4.75
Smoked Wild Salmon $8.50
One Good Egg $1.85
Bacon Jam $1.75
Gluten Free Bread $2.00

Please inform your server of any allergies. Tax not included.

For reservations call 613-544-7790 or email

Reservations requests by email or voicemail are not guaranteed when made 24 hours prior to date and time of reservation. Only reservation requests that are responded to by email or voicemail are confirmed. Please contact the café by telephone for all reservations within this time frame.


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